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Import Customs Clearance

Import Customs Clearance - Customs Clearance of Capital Goods, Components, Spare parts, Raw Materials for all types of Industries.

  • Custom Clearance of Second hand / Recondition Machinery and Refurbishing Parts.
  • Customs Clearance under various types of Import Licenses like EPCG Licence, Advance Licence, Restricted Goods Licence, DEPB Licence etc.
  • Customs Clearance for Export Oriented Units.
  • Customs Clearance for Software Technology Parks Units.
  • Customs Clearance for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) units.
  • Customs Clearance of Re-imported Goods
Export Custom Clearance
  • Custom Clearance of Duty Free Goods.
  • Custom Clearance of Goods under Drawback Scheme.
  • Custom Clearance under various licenses like EPCG Scheme, Advance Licence etc.
  • Re-Export.
Warehousing of Goods
Debonding the goods from Public/Private Warehouse
  • Processing Ex-Bond Bill of Entry in Bond Section.
  • Re-Examination in Bonded Warehouse.
  • Release of goods from Bonded Warehouse either for Home consumption or for sale or for Exports from a Bonded Warehouse.
Special Economic Zone Units

All the services required by a SEZ Unit under one window which include:

  • Arranging Letter of Approval.
  • Arranging execution and acceptance of Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking from the office of Customs and Development Commissioner.
  • Arranging clearance of Imported Goods from SEZ Custom.
  • Clearance of Goods from the Port, Airport, Inland Container Depots.
  • Re-examination of Goods by SEZ Customs at SEZ Gate and Rewarehousing.
  • Arranging clearance of Indigenously Procured goods from SEZ Customs.
  • Arranging clearance from SEZ Custom for goods procured from warehouse, EOU’s, STP units, BTP units, SEZ units.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Register and
    Any other approval from the office of Development Commissioner or Director STPI.
100% Export Oriented Units

All the services required by an Export Oriented unit under one window which include:

  • Arranging Letter of Permission.
  • Arranging Green Card.
  • Arranging execution and acceptance of Legal Undertaking.
  • Arranging attestation of Floor Plans.
  • Arranging Permission for re-export.
  • Arranging enhancements in CG limits.
  • Arranging approval of Additional locations/Extension of existing location.
  • Arranging permissions for DTA Sale.
  • Arranging renewal/extension of Letter of Permission.
  • Arranging Debonding of EOU units.
  • Arranging Customs Clearance from all ports and
    Any other permission from the Office of Development Commissioner, NSEZ, Noida


We provide consultancy to Importers & Exporters on various Policies, Procedures & Legal provisions of various laws, connected with Foreign Trade & Customs Clearance as given below:

  • Customs Act 1962
  • Customs Tariff Act 1975
  • Central Excise Act 1944
  • Central Excise Tariff Act 1985
  • Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules 1989
  • Ozone Depleting Substance (Regulation & Control) Rules 2000
  • Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules 2006
    and many other acts and regulations.

We provide personnel for working in STP/SEZ units on our roll. These personnel are trained in various procedures for Customs & Central Excise for STP/SEZ Units.

Freight Forwarding
Pickup, warehousing, consolidation, Export Clearance & Air freighting of Cargo from Far East Countries at most economic rate and in least time. We are registered MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT OPERATOR.
DOOR-To-DOOR Services

At present we provide Door-to-Door Services from Far East-Countries. It includes:

  • Pick up of the goods from the Office/Warehouse of Foreign Supplier
  • Warehousing at place of dispatch
  • Consolidation
  • Covering Insurance of the goods
  • Export Clearance at Place of dispatch
  • Air Freighting upto New Delhi
  • Customs Clearance at New Delhi
  • Delivery of goods at the final place of delivery
We have our own closebody trucks to serve you the best with all the safety measures.
We also provide Refrigerated Vehicles for Perishable goods & temperature related goods.
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