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FDS Bond
Custom Bond
Baggage Rules
Freight Abbrevation Codes
Abbreviation Full Form
ATA Actual Time Of Arrival (Aircraft)
ATA Airport to Airport
ATD Actual Time Of Departure (Aircraft)
ATD Airport to Door
BAF Bunker Adjustment Fee ( Fuel surcharge for ocean freight)
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor Charge ( for currency fluctuation in ocean freight)
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor Charge ( for currency fluctuation in ocean freight)
CBM Cubic Meter Unit of measure ( most commonly for ocean freight)
CFS Container Freight Station Facility for loading and unloading consolidations
CSS Customer Service System
CY Container Yard
CIF Cost , Insurance & Freight
C&F Cost & freight
DAP Destination Airport
DDC Destination Delivery Charge
DG Dangerous Goods
DTA Door to Airport
DTD Door to Door
DDU Delivery Duty Unpaid
DDP Delivery Duty Paid
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
ERTS Enhanced Remote Transit Shed
ETA Estimated Time Of Arrival (Aircraft)
ETD Estimated Time Of Departure (Aircraft)
FAK Freight All Kinds
FCL Full Container Load
FTL Full Truck Load
FSC Fuel Surcharge
FTZ Free Trade Zone
FOB Free on board
HAWB House Airway Bill
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
IATA International Air Transporatation Association (Governing organization of international air cargo)
JIT Just In Time
KWE Kintetsu World Express
LCL Less than Container Load
LTL Less than Truck Load
MLB Mini Land Bridge
MNC Multinational Corporation
MPF Merchandise Processing Fee
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NVOCC Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier Ocean freight forwarder who owns space on steamships
OAP Origin Airport
OBL Ocean Bill of Lading
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFP Request for Pricing
RFQ Request for Quotation
RO/RO Roll On - Roll Off
RFS Received for shipment Bill of lading
SSC Security Surcharge ( Surcharge for transportation security expenses)
SOB Shipped on Board
THC Terminal Handling Charge ( charge assessed by the airport/port for handling)
TM Terminal Manager
ULD Unit Load Device ( Container for aircraft)
WRS War Risk Surcharge
Definition From Section 2 of Customs Act,1962
Adjudicating authority Any authority competent to pass any order or decision under the Customs Act, '62, but does not include the Board, Commissioner (Appeals) or Appellate Tribunal:
Aircraft Has the same meaning as in the Aircraft Act, 1934; (see also "Goods").
Appellate Tribunal The Customs, Excise and Gold (Control) Appellate Tribunal constituted under Section 129.
Assessment Includes provisional assessment, reassessment and any order of assessment in which the duty assessed is nil
Baggage Includes unaccompanied baggage but does not include motor vehicles
Bill of Entry A bill of entry referred to in Section 46 of the Customs Act, '62.
Bill of Export A bill of export referred to in section 50
Board Central Board of Excise and Customs constituted under the Central Boards of Revenue Act, 1963
Boarding Stations For disembarking or embarking from a vessel are those notified by the Commissioners of Customs.
Coastal goods Goods other than imported goods transported in a vessel from one port in India to another
Commissioner of Customs Except for the purposes of Chapter XV, includes Additional Commissioner of Customs
Conveyance Includes a vessel, and aircraft and a vehicle
Currency and Negotiable Instruments covered under Goods
Customs airport Any airport appointed by the Central Government through a Gazette notification to be a customs airport
Customs area The area of a customs station and includes any are in which imported goods or export goods are ordinarily kept before clearance by Customs authorities
Customs post Any port appointed by the Central Government through a Gazette notification to be customs port, and includes a place appointed under of that section to be an inland container Depot (1CD)
Customs Station Any customs port, customs airport or land customs station
Dutiable goods Any goods which are chargeable to duty and on which duty has not been paid
Duty A duty of customs leviable under the Customs Act, '62
Examination In relation to any goods, includes measurement and weighment thereof.
Export With its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means taking out of India to place outside India
Exporter In relation to any goods at any time between their entry for export and the time when they are exported, includes any owner or any person holding himself out to be the exporter
Foreign going vessel a aircraft Any vessel or aircraft for the time being engaged in the carriage of goods or passengers between any port of airport in India and any port or airport outside India, whether touching any intermediate port or airport in India or not, and includes-
     (i) Any navel vessel of a foreign government taking part in any naval exercises
     (ii) Any   vessel engaged in fishing or any other operations outside the territorial   waters             of India 
    (iii) Any vessel or aircraft proceeeding to a place outside India for any Purpose  
Goods By the very words of Section 12 of the Customs Act, 1962, Customs Tariff is leviable on "goods". Section 2(22) of the Act gives an inclusive definition of the term 'goods' - "goods" includes:-
                (a) Vessels, Aircraft and vehicles
                (b) Stores 
                (c) Baggage 
                (d) Currency and Negotiable Instruments and 
                (e) any other kind of Movable    
Import With its grammatical variations and cognate expressions means bringing into India from a place outside India.
Import manifest or import report The manifest or report required to be delivered under Section 30 of the Customs Act, '62.
Imported goods Any goods brought into India from a place outside India but does not include goods which have been cleared for home consumption
Importer In relation to any goods at any time between their importation and the time when they are cleared for home consumption, includes any owner or any person holding himself out to be the importer
India Includes the territorial waters of India
Indian customs waters The waters extending into the sea up to the limit of contiguous zone of India under section (5) of the Territorial Waters,, Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone and other time Zones Act, 1976 and includes any bay, gulf, harbour creek or tidal river;
Inland Container Depot See Customs Port
Land customs station Any place appointed under clause (b) of section 7 to be a land customs station;
Market Price In relation to any goods, means the wholesale price of the goods in the ordinary course of trade in India.
Moveable property See Goods
Person-in-charge Means-
        (a) in relation to a vessel, the master of the vessel.
        (b) in relation to an aircraft, the commander or pilot-in charge of the aircraft
        (c) in relation to a railway train, the conductor, guard or other person having the chief  
             direction of the train.
        (d) in relation to any other conveyance, the driver or any other person in
              charge of the conveyance
Prescribed Prescribed by regulations, made under Customs Act, '62.
Prohibited goods Any goods the import or export of which is subject to any prohibition under the Customs Act, '62 or any other law for the time being in force but does not include any such goods in respect of which the conditions subject to which the goods are permitted to be imported or exported have been complied with.
Proper officer In relation to any functions to be performed under this Act, means the officer of customs who is assigned those functions by the Board or the Commissioner of Customs.
Regulations In regulations made by the Board under any provision of the Customs Act.
Rules The rule made by the Central Government under any provision of the Customs Act, 1962.
Stores Goods for use in vessel or aircraft and includes fuel and spare parts and other articles of equipment, whether or not for immediate fitting.
Smuggling In relation to any goods, means any act or omission which will render, such goods liable to confiscation under Section 111 or Section 113 of the Customs Act, 1962.
Tariff value In relation to any goods, means the value thereof determined in accordance with the provision of sub-section (1) of 14 {See also 2.0 Duties)
Vehicle Conveyance of any kind used on land and a railway vehicle
Vessels See Goods
Warehouses A public warehouse appointed under Section 57 or a private warehouse licensed under Section 58 of the Customs Act.
Warehoused goods Goods deposited in a warehouse.
Warehousing Station A place declared as a warehousing station by the Board.
Accessory or Attachment A part, sub-assembly or assembly that contributes to efficiency or effectiveness of a piece ofequipment without changing its basic functions.
Definitions From Import Policy
Accessory or Attachment A part, sub-assembly or assembly that contributes to efficiency or effectiveness of a piece ofequipment without changing its basic functions.
Act Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 (No.22 of 1992) [FT(D&R) Act].
Actual User An actual user who may be either industrial or non-industrial
Actual User (Industrial) A person who utilizes imported goods for manufacturing in his own industrial unit or manufacturing for his own use in another unit including a jobbing unit.
Actual User(Non-industrial) A person who utilizes the imported goods For his own use in (i) any commercial establishment carrying on any business, trade or profession or (ii) any laboratory, Scientific or Research and Development (R&D) institution, uni university or other educational institution or hospital; or (iii) any service industry.
AEZ Agricultural Export Zones notified by DGFT in Appendix 8 of HBP vl.
Appeal Is an application filed under section 15 of the Act and includes such applications preferred by DGFT officials in government interest against decision by designated adjudicating / appellate authorities.
Applicant Person on whose behalf an application is made and shall, wherever context so requires, includes person signing the application
Authorization a permission as included in Section 2 (g) of FT(D&R) Act to import or export as per provisions of FTP.
BoA The Board of Approval as notified by DoC
BTP Biotechnology Park as notified by DGFT on recommendation of Department of Biotechnology.
Capital Goods Any plant, machinery, equipment or accessories required for manufacture or production, either directly or indirectly, of goods or for rendering services, including those required for replacement, modernization, technological up gradation or expansion. It also includes packaging machinery and equipment, refractories for initial lining, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets, machine tools, catalysts for initial charge, equipment and instruments for testing, research and development, quality and pollution control. Capital goods may be for use in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, poultry, sericulture and viticulture as well as for use in services sector.
Competent Authority An authority competent to exercise any power or to discharge any duty or function under the Act or Rules and Orders made there under or under FTP.
Component One of the parts of a sub-assembly or assembly of which a manufactured product is made up and into which it may be resolved. A component includes an accessory or attachment to another component.
Consumables Any item, which participates in or is required for a manufacturing process, but does not necessarily form partof end-product. Items, which are substantially or totally consumed during a manufacturing process, will be deemed to be consumables.
Consumer Goods Consumption goods, which can directly satisfy human needs without further processing and includes consumer durables and accessories thereof.
Counter Trade Any arrangement under which exports / imports from / to India are balanced either by direct imports /exports from importing / exporting country or through a third country under a Trade Agreement or otherwise. Exports / Imports under Counter Trade may be carried out through Escrow Account, Buy Back arrangements, Barter trade or any similar arrangement.Balancing of exports and imports could wholly or partly be in cash, goods and / or services.
Developer A person or body of persons, company, firm and such other private or government undertaking, who develops,builds, designs, organizes, promotes, finances, operates, maintains or manages a part or whole of infrastructure and other facilities inSEZ as approved by Central Government and also includes a co-developer
Development Commissioner Development Commissioner of SEZ
DFRC Duty Free Replenishment Certificate.
Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) Area within India which is outside SEZs and EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP.
Drawback In relation to any goods manufactured in India and exported, means rebate of duty chargeable on any imported material or excisable material used in manufacture of such goods in India. Goods include imported spares, if supplied with capital goods manufactured in India.
EHTP Electronic Hardware Technology Park
EOU Export Oriented Unit for which an LOP has been issued by Development Commissioner
Excisable goods Any goods produced or manufactured in India and subject to a duty of excise under Central Excise and Salt Act 1944 (1 of 1944).
Exporter A person who exports or intends to export and holds an IEC number unless otherwise specifically exempted
Export Obligation Obligation to export product or products covered by Authorization or permission in terms of quantity,value or both, as may be prescribed or specified by Regional or competent authority.
FTP The Foreign Trade Policy which specifies policy for exports and imports under section 5 of the Act.
Group Company Two or more enterprises which, directly or indirectly, are in a position to —
      (i) exercise twenty-six per cent, or more of voting rights in other enterprise  or
      (ii) Appoint more than fifty percent, of members of board of directors in the other
For group companies to claim benefits or have their exports counted for benefits to be claimed by another member of group, the group company should have been in existence at least 2 years prior to date of application under any of export promotion schemes notified in FTP.
HBP vl The Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1) and "HBP v2" means Handbook of Procedures (Vol.2) published under provisions of paragraph 2.4 of FTP.
Importer A person who imports or intends to import and holds an IEC number unless otherwise specifically exempted.
Infrastructure facilities Industrial, commercial and social infrastructure or any other facility for development of SEZ as notified.
ITC(HS ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items Book. "Jobbing" means processing or working upon of raw materials or semi-finished goods supplied to job worker so as to complete a part of process resulting in manufacture, or finishing of an article or any operation which is essential for aforesaid process.
Jobbing Processing or working upon of raw materials or semi-finished goods supplied to job worker so as to complete a part of process resulting in manufacture or finishing of an article or any operation which is essential for aforesaid process.
Licensing Year Period beginning on the 1st April of a year and ending on 31st March of following year.
Managed Hotel Hotels managed by a three star or above hotel / hotel chain under an operating management contract for a duration of at least three years between operating hotel / hotel chain and hotel being managed. Management contract must necessarily cover the entire gamut of operations / management of managed hotel.
Manufacture To make, produce, fabricate, assemble, process or bring into existence, by hand or by machine, a new product having a distinctive name, character or use and shall include processes such as refrigeration, re-packing, polishing, labelling, Re conditioning repair, remaking, refurbishing, testing, calibration, re-engineering. Manufacture, for the purpose of FTP, shall also include agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, poultry, sericulture, viticulture and mining.
Manufacturer Exporter A person who exports goods manufactured by him or intends to export such goods.
MAI Market Access Initiative Scheme notified by Department of Commerce.
Merchant Exporter A person engaged in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods
NC The Norms Committee in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade for recommending grant of Authorizations under Duty Exemption Scheme and for recommending Input Output norms and value addition norms to be notified by DGFT.
NFE Net Foreign Exchange
Notification A notification published in Official Gazette
Order An Order made by Central Government under the Act.
Part An element of a sub-assembly or assembly not normally useful by itself and not amenable to further disassembly for maintenance purposes. A part may be a component, spare or an accessory.
Person Includes an individual, firm, society, company, corporation or any other legal person including the DGFT officials.
Policy FTP 2004-2009 as amended from time to time.
Prescribed Prescribed under the Act or the Rules or Orders made there under or under FTP.
Public Notice A notice published under provisions of paragraph 2.4 of FTP.
Raw material (i) basic materials which are needed for manufacture of goods, but which are still in a raw, natural, unrefined or unmanufactured state and
(ii) for a manufacturer, any materials or goods which are required for his manufacturing process, whether they have actually been previously manufactured or are processed or are still in a raw or natural state.
Regional Authority Authority competent to grant an Authorization under the Act / Order.
Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) Certificate of registration and membership granted by an Export Promotion Council / Commodity Board / Development Authority or other competent authority as prescribed in FTP or HBP vl.
Rules Rules made by Central Government under Section 19 of the Act.
Services Include all tradable services covered under General Agreement on Trade in Services and earning free foreign exchange.
Service Provider A person providing
      (i) Supply of a 'service' from India to any other country. 
      (ii) Supply of a 'service' from India to service consumer of any other country
            in India and.
      (iii) Supply of a 'service' from India through commercial or physical presence
            in territory of any other country
      (iV) Supply of a 'service' in India relating to exports paid in free foreign
           exchange or in Indian Rupees which are otherwise considered as having 
           being paid for in free foreign exchange by RBI.
SEZ Special Economic Zone notified by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce.
SHIPS All types of vessels used for sea borne trade or coastal trade and shall include second hand vessels.
SION Standard Input Output Norms notified by DGFT in HBP v2,2004-09 / approved by Board of Approval.
Spares A part or a sub-assembly or assembly for substitution, that is ready to replace an identical or similar part or sub- assembly or assembly. Spares include a component or an accessory.
Specified Specified by or under provisions of this Policy through Notification / Public Notice.
Status holder An exporter recognized as Export House / Trading House etc. by DGFT / Development Commissioner.
Stores Goods for use in a vessel or aircraft and includes fuel and spares and other articles of equipment, whether or not for immediate fitting
STP Software Technology Park
Supporting Manufacturer Any person who manufactures any product or part / accessories / components of that product. Name of supporting manufacturer as well as the exporter must be endorsed on export documents.
Third-parry exports Exports made by an exporter or manufacturer on behalf of another exporter(s). In such cases, export documents such as shipping bills shall indicate name of both manufacturing exporter/manufacturer and third party exporter(s). BRC, GR declaration, export order and invoice should be in the name of third party exporter.
Transaction Value As defined in Customs Valuation Rules of Department of Revenue.
Wild Anima Any wild animal as defined in Section 2(36) of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.


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